KKR - the International Walker !

Mr. Kharlzada Kasrat Rai  (KKR) was born in Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakistan. He has devoted his life for the cause of Peace, Education, Health and Cultural activities.He has achieved a wide spread fame for the sake of his noble cause.He has conducted a number of walks with the flag of peace within and beyond the boundaries of Pakstan.

KKR - Vision

To reduce aggression and violence, by means of education, awareness and culture, equilibrium in power between nations is necessary. The violent menace of terrorism has adversely affected the whole mankind. The people who have insight and wisdom are fully aware the peace can be ensured through balance of power.


  • Mohbat-e-Harmain Sharifain Walk
In 2015, he walked 1100 kilometers from Jaddah to Riyadh(Saudi Arabia) in 13 days.
  • Walk for Global Peace
In 2013, he walked 6,387 kilometers between Karachi and Makkah, a journey is completed in 117 days.
  • KPK Peace Walk (National Record)
In 2012, he walked 549 Kilometers from D.I. Khan to Swat in 17 days.
  • Longest Peace Walk of the World
In 2011, he walked 2287.6 kilometers from khyber to Karachi in 72 days.
  • Isthkam e Pakistan Walk (National Record)
In 2009, he walked 327 kilometres from Lahore to Islamabad in 14 days.
  • Takmeel e Pakistan Walk (National Record)
In 2009, he walked 222 Kilometers from Islamabad to Chakuthi in 9 days.
  • Pakistan Peace Walk (World Record)
In 2007, he walked 1,999 kilometres between Khyber and Karachi in Pakistan, a journey he completed in 85 days.


  • Best Religious Performance Award, Govt of Saudi Arab
  • Peace Award from Ministry of Information, Govt of Saudi Arab
  • Longest Peace Walk of the World
  • Best Sports Award from Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs, Govt of Saudi Arab
  • Best Performance Award from Ministry of Culture, Govt of Saudi Arab)
  • Appreciation Award from Governor Madina, Saudi Arab)
  • Best Traveler Award, Govt of Dubai
  • Best Performance Award, Govt of Jordan
  • Best Performance Award from Govt of KPK, Pakistan
  • Peace Award from Govt Azad & Jummu Kashmir
  • Best Performance Award from Governor KPK, Pakistan
  • Peace Award from Governor Punjab, Pakistan
  • Member GWR Community
  • BGC Awarded
  • National Record Holder of IPW
  • National Record Holder of TPW
  • Social Services Award from Govt. AJ&K.
  • Peace Prevalence Award from AJ&K
  • Award from Karachi Press Club (Two Times)
  • Award from HANDS, Karachi
  • Award from Al-Arabi Foundation
  • Award from Chamber of Commerce, Rawalpindi. (Two Times)
  • Award from Khanani & Kaliya Group of Companies, Karachi (Two Times)

KKR Future Walks

Help My Cause - KKR Appeal for Humanity

" No one has ever become poor by giving. " ― Anne Frank




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